Here are the top ten reasons for why I am thankful in autumn 2009!

1. My friend Dale is fun to play ping pong with.

2. Being a senior is fun because your friends know you for who you really are.

3. My cross country season is over, and I can eat as much food as I want.

4. My citizenship in America is a blessing, and I can vote this year.

5. My family is enjoying the seasons of life together. This year is especially cherishable because next year I will be at college.

6. My dad has invested so much love into me. He has spent so much time caring for me. He has shows me God’s Word, pays for my Christian education, coaches my baseball skills, shows me how to have fun in all the moments in life, listens to me, fills me with wisdom, and laughs with me.

7. My brother Nolan likes to have fun and loves to have fun with me.

8. My pre-calculus teacher and baseball coach Mr. A is so funny and amazing. I have cried in laughter because he makes math so much fun. That is funny in itself.

9. I am grateful that God made me who I am.

10. God has given me the best gift of all: eternal joy in Christ.


In today’s world, sports is a popular form of entertainment. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and football are among the most popular sports. Other sports do not have such a big audience. At my school, each of these listed sports is available to participate in; however, some people do not prefer these competitve sports. Other sports such as tennis, ping pong, bowling, lacrosse, and swimming may be more appealing than the original few. For me, I would love to take part in a competitve tennis tournament, but my high school does not offer such a program. Therefore, I am preparing to present the proposal of a tennis team to the board of education. My principal and athletic director do not support my idea, but I will work through the system just as my government professor taught me in the judicial branch chapter. His birthday is today, and maybe the tennis blessings will be with me as I make the best proposal of my life. A few problems are possible as I present my ideas. The town where my school dwells does not have more than two courts for tennis. There’s difficulty in finding a volunteering coach as well. Thankfully, I have a backup plan. My mom works the night shift, and I feel that she would be an excellent coach for this new exhibition. Even if this proposal is turned down, I hope it will gain momentum for the ping pong club that also seeks approval.

My Digital Footprint

The world we live in has certainly changed because of technology. People even have their identities in the world wide web. Certain wrongdoers can mistakenly be caught on video or on their internet acounts. Others thrive in the riches that the internet provides. Now that I will be leaving high school in the near future, certain potential employers may do a background check of my internet history before hiring me as an employee. To my knowledge, I believe I am leaving a healthy, decent identity on the internet; however, I decided to check up on myself by searching my name on google. My discoveries shocked me! First of all, I found my facebook profile at the top of the list. Next, I found one of my old track time sheets from yesteryears. My future baseball coach may not be too fond of the time it took me to run that 400m race! Thankfully, my next discovery was found in my church’s bulletin. Subsequently, a baseball camp that I attended also contained my identity. A cross country website has my name and time from last year. One of my friends was a successful programming contender, and I was luckily one of his teammates! We won the competition, and my future employer will not know the difference! I am only kidding. I will tell him the truth. The other results I found under my name were not truly me. A smile broadens my face after seeing all the different activities I have been a part of. Up to this point, my identity is safe and secure. I just need to keep my digital footprint pointed in the same direction.

Babbling Spaghetti

In this blog I am typing, my only intent is to use as many words from my English class as possible; therefore, this will sound like someone babbling with spaghetti in his or her mouth.

Cross country is a fun, difficult sport. I practice to have fun. Tim wins races. He tears up the coarse to pieces. The weather is cold, and I can often see my breath when I breathe. Our practices are led by Dalton. The discipline I learn helps me to follow my conscience in life. Tim told me he likes to think about a chair when he runs. The thought gives him peace because he is sitting. Sometimes Tim complains about our principal not mentioning our meet results all the time. Announcements are not always elicit, and we runners wondered if we had heard correctly that the meet was postponed. I have accepted the fact that we are running Monday. The team was all ready yesterday, but I have accepted the effect of Sheldon’s decision. Between you and me, I think you’re capable of running just like me! Running off a descent is easier than running up the hill! I love running among good competitors. Not too many people will go there for the meet. They’re not going to change the districts date again. I believe it is illicit for people to run loose on the race track when another runner is coming through. My spirit is losing its focus now toward the end of the year, but it’s not going to affect my running in real competition – except for some practices. My decision to finish the season is already final. At the end of the race I lose a little bit of my consciousness. The shorts in cross country are not decent. Running for a long time can make you as thirsty as an Arabian in the desert. Thinking about ice cream dessert does not help me reach the finish line. We run every day except Sunday. Kelsey uses a lead pencil to record our times at the end. Now that the district date has been set for Monday, I have been running harder to further help my team. My will to win has not lessened. There are not fewer runners on varsity at the end of the season because alternates join their bodies to the team. My parents are busy this time of year, but they’re not going to miss my final run or two. I can not wait to lie down at the end of the race. I will lay my medal, if I follow my running-hard principle, in my athletic bag to cherish for a piece of time. It’s going to be a close race. Today was the first practice that I have ever led. My goal is to not lose. I want to set a good example for future runners by doing my best. Once, I accidentally threw my waterbottle into my bag without its lid on tight, and its contents wet my dry clothes. I check my bag thoroughly for any loose change before I leave for practice. Tim says we’re going to state if we try. Who’s to tell him he is wrong? I said, “You’re right. Your best and my best should help us reach our goal.” Once I found a coat and asked, “Whose coat is this?” I do not know where I our season will end. We’re going to have to wait and see. Tim asked me as I walked outside with the sweatshirt, “Were you going to keep that?” I know that I will miss cross country very much. After next week, classes will not seem so everyday because I will have my rest from cross country.

I used each and every word. Total: 67


Obviously, if I had ever cheated, I would not open up on a blogging website that I have cheated. Seriously, however, I have never once cheated in my life on an academic assignment. This may sound overconfident, but the moral choices become a mentality. By reading this article from The Seattle Times, the cheater’s ways have been put into typed word form, but I have always been aware that some students take the cheater’s route. If people plagiarize on their papers, their scheming ways will only hurt themselves later. Cheating just puts a student one step behind the rest of the students who apply themselves. This article mentioned that teachers are combating internet cheating with their own technology. This sounds like a good idea, but then getting caught almost seems like a game to the kids. If a student wants to cheat, he or she is wasting his or her own time.

Ping Pong

China Ping VS Germany Pong

China Ping VS Germany Pong

During my winter months of hibernation, the ping pong battles constantly clatter in my basement. My father, the master of this art, plays along with my novice skills. Although bragging rights sometims go to me, Dad usually wins the weeknight lights. One of the best parts of ping pong is when funny, lucky hits are linked together to win one single point. The laughs are simply based on the odd physics of ping pong. The sport helps my hand-eye coordination and at times gives both of us a good sweat. On weekends my friends and I can get together for some around-the-table fun. Maybe a sting or two will follow. From my point of view, the sport can be athletic, entertaining, and hilarious at the same time! My grandma can even play a game with me! Someday I hope to be in the ping pong Olympics. This is a picture of the 2008 Beijing Olympics; China is playing Germany for the gold medal. Click the image to visit the BBC website from which this image was taken.

Falling Leaves

Of all the seasons, autumn stirs the most interesting feelings inside of me – like churning, spinning leaves falling from the trees. The temperature turns perfect yet chilly. The atmosphere is ironically beautiful to me. Leaves fall because of an absence of life, but the colors are so radiant. The work in raking leaves can feel like a chore, but the activity is truly fun and rewarding when you “fall” into it. A blogger of another blogging website shares this observation with me. These autumnal feelings can be expressed in raking, blogging, poetry, and other ways. Throughout my internet exploring, I found several other blogging websites that exist. This person conveyed the fall season in a poem. As you live in a variety of ways this season, appreciate the harvests of fall!

Get Your Hardest Laugh!

Laughing is fun, and I love it! My favorite laughs are with my friends, those of whom I experience life with. The place where I get the cold, hard laughs is at, and there’s a link to get there at the upper right portion of this blog! Then, when I combine my friends and Homestar Runner, I get the hardest laughs ever! Check it out with your friends!

(This cartoon website uses clean, random humor overall. It has only a few questionable words that some people might find mildly crude.)

5 Comments I Sent

To Jess:

Hello Jess, my name is Brad. I was strolling through the list of the participants in the blogging challenge and noticed your hobby swimming. I read your post and was pleased to read that you and I share the hobby of swimming. I run cross country at my high school and thought swimming would help my endurance. I feel so free swimming. Because you are from Australia and mentioned ocean swimming, do you perhaps go surfing or swim in the ocean? Is the water deep blue or clear? Enjoy your next swim!

To Lauren:

Hello, I’m Brad. Lauren, you are such an amazing piano player! How big are the scholarship offers? Five grand? Ten grand? I enjoy swimming as well. Keep living an active life and showing a good example to us bloggers!

To Megan:

Hello Megan. My name is Brad. I am the oldest of three. My little brother, the youngest, likes to play video games as well. I play Pokemon cards with him as well as Yu-Gi-Oh cards. What games do you like to play?

To Andrew:

Hey Andrew. I am Brad. I read that one of your hobbies is volleyball. Do you actually have a volleyball team at your school for guys. Our girls are really good at my high school. They won state 7 out of 8 years. I’m just curious.

To Aaron:

Hello Aaron. My name is Brad. Our football team just won on homecoming night tonight. Has yours?

My comment on comments

When a person finishes typing on their blog, he or she can often feel a sense of pride in knowing their feelings and thoughts have been posted. The words expressed belong to you, and that can cause inner happiness of one’s self-esteem. The wonderful thing about blogs, however, is they can receive comments! Then the blogger can know that some other blogger out there cared enough to share their reaction. Personally, I love to approve these nice comments from others. Now, if someone would send a crude or rude comment for my blog, I certainly could not approve such a vile statement. If another blogger reprimends me on my poor grammar skill, I would struggle to click the approve button but would most certainly have to considering it is only a deep encouragement. Gossip would never be tolerated in my blog’s house. I prefer to accept comments from a diverse audience, yet it pleases me to further open up a blogging relationship through the email canal. Overall, I am a comment-accepting blogger, but blog responsibly.