5 Comments I Sent

To Jess:

Hello Jess, my name is Brad. I was strolling through the list of the participants in the blogging challenge and noticed your hobby swimming. I read your post and was pleased to read that you and I share the hobby of swimming. I run cross country at my high school and thought swimming would help my endurance. I feel so free swimming. Because you are from Australia and mentioned ocean swimming, do you perhaps go surfing or swim in the ocean? Is the water deep blue or clear? Enjoy your next swim!

To Lauren:

Hello, I’m Brad. Lauren, you are such an amazing piano player! How big are the scholarship offers? Five grand? Ten grand? I enjoy swimming as well. Keep living an active life and showing a good example to us bloggers!

To Megan:

Hello Megan. My name is Brad. I am the oldest of three. My little brother, the youngest, likes to play video games as well. I play Pokemon cards with him as well as Yu-Gi-Oh cards. What games do you like to play?

To Andrew:

Hey Andrew. I am Brad. I read that one of your hobbies is volleyball. Do you actually have a volleyball team at your school for guys. Our girls are really good at my high school. They won state 7 out of 8 years. I’m just curious.

To Aaron:

Hello Aaron. My name is Brad. Our football team just won on homecoming night tonight. Has yours?

7 thoughts on “5 Comments I Sent

  1. Hi Brad it is Bonnie & Antonia.
    Great comment Brad. We think that you will get more comments than Abby Because you talk about yours & Jess‘s hobbies were Abby talks about her life, friends. Great comment Brad.

    From Bonnie & Antonia.

    Morrinsville Intermediate Room 10.

  2. Hi our names are Danielle.s and Danielle.c .There is no difference between Brad and Abby except that they both say that they do the sport the peoples blogs they say they do a certian sport that it does.

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