Here are the top ten reasons for why I am thankful in autumn 2009!

1. My friend Dale is fun to play ping pong with.

2. Being a senior is fun because your friends know you for who you really are.

3. My cross country season is over, and I can eat as much food as I want.

4. My citizenship in America is a blessing, and I can vote this year.

5. My family is enjoying the seasons of life together. This year is especially cherishable because next year I will be at college.

6. My dad has invested so much love into me. He has spent so much time caring for me. He has shows me God’s Word, pays for my Christian education, coaches my baseball skills, shows me how to have fun in all the moments in life, listens to me, fills me with wisdom, and laughs with me.

7. My brother Nolan likes to have fun and loves to have fun with me.

8. My pre-calculus teacher and baseball coach Mr. A is so funny and amazing. I have cried in laughter because he makes math so much fun. That is funny in itself.

9. I am grateful that God made me who I am.

10. God has given me the best gift of all: eternal joy in Christ.

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